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Fostering a community of ‘BluHackers’ on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram

The aim of the campaign was to drive awareness of Blu Tack’s multitude of uses, also known as #BluHacks. Edson Evers was instrumental in communicating this message across our social channels and the results speak for themselves.

Grant Bostock
Communications Manager –


#BluHacks submissions

1m +

video views across YouTube, Facebook
and Instagram

60K +


A #BluHack on Bostik's Facebook channel on a mobile phone

Since its invention over 50 years ago, hundreds of millions of packs of Blu Tack® have been sold throughout the UK and beyond.

Its traditional uses include sticking up posters and pictures, or birthday and Christmas cards, but the sticky blue substance has a multitude of other uses, or ‘hacks’, that can make everyday life that little bit easier. Whether you’re removing fluff from clothing, levelling a picture frame or fixing a wobbly table, there’s a #BluHack for that!

To raise awareness of the endless possibilities of Blu Tack®, Bostik tasked us with running its #BluHacks campaign across YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

We utilised a 30-second #BluHacks advert that ran on Sky TV to kick-start the campaign. This included paid support for the advert across YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, to ensure it was seen by as many consumers as possible.

This was supported by a range of fun and engaging #BluHacks content across Bostik’s social channels, as well as user-generated hacks, plus Google display ads.

With 51,672,217 impressions, 1,432,730 video views and 66,477 click-throughs, the results speak for themselves. The campaign also fostered a community of ‘BluHackers’, with more than 600 user-generated #BluHacks received throughout the duration of the campaign.