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4 design trends for 2021

What will be the hottest design trends for 2021? Here, we outline what we think will be some of the biggest styles for the year ahead.

1. Classic Serif fonts

There’s been a big sway towards nostalgia in general in 2020, and the trend for retro and classic styles will really gain momentum in 2021, with classic Serif fonts being a key one when it comes to typography. The small features on the ends and edges of letters are known as ‘Serifs’ in typography. Dating back to the 15th Century, Serif fonts have been viewed as more traditional and old-fashioned in previous times, but new and modernised Serif fonts have become a big trend in the graphic design industry in the last 12 months or so. They imply a sense of trustworthiness and credibility – perhaps because of their more traditional style. However, in times like these, brands that are perceived as reliable and authentic is seen as a real strength.

2. Flat icons and illustrations

While already popular with many brands, flat icons and illustrations will continue to be a top design trend in 2021. Clean, modern and timeless, these allow companies to be much more creative than relying on stock photography, for example. Digital illustrations, for instance, are being incorporated more and more into branded material and on websites. 

3. Oversized text

With the Covid-19 pandemic taking its toll, it’s more important than ever before that brands are able to communicate clearly and precisely to retain and win customers. For this reason, oversized text that fills the space will be another big trend. This ensures audiences really focus on the words and key messages being told. Not only this, but from a design perspective oversized text can really make a statement – it’s a bold and unapologetic approach.

4. In-text photography

The final key trend that is set to dominate in 2021 is in-text photography. This is copy punctuated by photography, offering an engaging and more sophisticated alternative to emojis. Nevertheless, it is still highly visual, striking a balance between some of the above examples, while using the power of pictures – which can express so much – to provide a richer experience for the viewer. This is still not a widely adopted design, either, so there’s plenty of opportunities for brands to incorporate it to make them stand out from the crowd.

All these trends are bold and demand attention – keep a look out for them in 2021!