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Designing and building a new landing page

Edson Evers produced a clean and modern landing page design that brought to life a campaign that had several different components. It looks and performs in equal measure and integrated seamlessly over our existing website.

Anthony Roberts,
Group Marketing Communications Manager –


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We built and designed a landing page for Gradus, the leader in contract interior solutions, to promote its “See Through Their Eyes” campaign – created to spread awareness among facility managers, architects and specifiers about dementia-inclusive designs.

Our main objective was to create an engaging and responsive landing page to generate awareness of the “See Through Their Eyes” campaign. The landing page needed an entirely different aesthetic to the company’s current website, whilst maintaining its existing branding. Another key element of the project was to ensure the landing page was mobile-friendly to encourage use and allow for greater accessibility across all devices. The page was naturally designed and built to be mobile responsive and contained a variety of media and clickable elements to encourage interactions.

When designing the new landing page, accessibility was a key focus, so ensuring that all page elements were in line with WCAG guidelines was paramount. Some of the design specifications put in place included separating rows and elements through the use of differentiating colours, as well as ensuring font sizes and font colours contrasted with backgrounds.

Since the launch of the page, it has received 17% more mobile users than typical pages across the site, and has attracted a high average session duration, reflecting its relevance to its users.