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Growing brand awareness on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Having Edson Evers manage our social media continues to save the in-house marketing department much valued time, and we now know that we’re truly using our channels to their full capacity, reaching new and loyal customers every day.

Samantha Brown
Brand Executive, Keylite Roof Windows


organic impressions

Nearly 4,000

new followers

Over 26k

organic engagements

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Keylite Roof Windows (Keylite)’s social media channels, covering LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, were all managed in-house on an ad-hoc basis until Edson Evers took over at the start of 2021.

By creating a consistent content calendar tailored to each algorithm and audience type, we managed to achieve 750k impressions and gain 4k new followers in just six months, all from organic content. We also closely monitored tags, comments and shares, and made sure to make the most of user-generated content (UGC) by engaging or resharing, which in turn contributed to over 25k engagements in six months from Keylite’s followers.

The main objective was to establish the brand’s tone of voice among each of its different audience types, promoting innovation and inspiration while staying true to its approachable and down-to-earth style that its customers know and love.

We researched where each customer demographic spent the most time on social media and established key messaging for each channel, so that even as campaigns and priorities change throughout the months, Keylite’s overarching themes for each channel remain consistent.

In the first month alone, we saw a huge increase in impressions on all channels, including an impressive 113.64 per cent rise on Instagram, where we stuck to an aesthetic of inspirational content. Keylite’s LinkedIn page has also doubled in monthly followers since the start of the year, thanks to its increase in people-centric and innovation lead content. Results we’re seeing continue and improve as the four channels grow.