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Summer Sizzlers: Top 5 marketing campaigns ideal for a heatwave

Summer offers a time for marketing companies to capitalise on the hot weather, holiday spirit and all-round good mood of consumers.

So, while temperatures are rocketing across the UK, we’ve rounded up our top five marketing campaigns designed for a heat wave.

These campaigns really grasped the imagination and tuned into buying behaviours during the summer period, with brands bringing a creative twist to help boost awareness and sales.

7UP Social Thermometer

It isn’t just us Brits that complain about the weather – Even in Argentina, people still vent their frustrations about the heat. This led 7UP and their agency Impero to create an algorithm to track mentions of the weather on social media.

The traction from the mentions was attached to an interactive billboard. The billboard included a ‘social thermometer’ that when it hit red or ‘EXTREMO’, dispensed a refreshing 7UP to thirsty passers-by. It became so popular that it was rolled out across Latin America in 2018.

This clever campaign took negative social media mentions and turned them into a positive, with 7UP drinks seen as a refreshing means to stop people venting on social media.

If 7UP replicated this campaign during the heatwave we are currently enduring, we reckon the machine would quickly run out of drinks!

Walkers and Doritos: ‘Only on holiday ‘campaign

The next addition to our list is a perfectly timed advert celebrating a return to holidays in a post-pandemic world.

The collaboration between Walkers and Doritos crisps and easyJet holidays playfully makes fun of the British for our nature of overindulging on vacation.

The campaign gave customers of Walkers and Doritos the chance to win a free package holiday every half hour for 90 days. And according to Fernando Kahane, the Senior Marketing Director at Walkers, it was one of the brand’s ” biggest and most exciting promotions ever.”

IKEA books on the beach campaign

There is nothing worse than forgetting a book on a beach day. Well, this memorable campaign from IKEA to promote the famous ‘BILLY bookshelf’ on its 30th birthday certainly grabbed the attention of bookworms and beachgoers alike.

The world’s largest outdoor bookshelf provided masses of sun worshipers on Bondi beach a chance to do some reading while enjoying the weather.

From surfers to sandcastle makers, everyone had the chance to peruse the thousands of books on display, with the added social incentive of donating to The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation.

Rippa job, guys.

Nivea Solar ad charger

Sticking with the idea of beaches in a heatwave, Nivea came up with a brilliant campaign to combine technology and print media. Nivea published Veja Rio – a simple charging device powered by a small solar panel.

The campaign helped people enjoying the sun charge their devices. Agency Draft FCB ran the campaign with Nivea in 2013 and highlighted the sun’s benefits and solar panels’ power while creatively linking to the brand values of enjoying the sun.

Nivea saw an opportunity to link their brand to solving a modern problem. The use of solar energy and reaping the rewards of staying out in the sun along with the message of not missing a moment is really key to the campaign’s success.  

Diet Coke – Diet Coke break campaign

Finally, while this campaign isn’t so much about the middle of summer, it certainly got everyone hot under the collar. 

Diet Coke ran this campaign ran from 1994 to 2013 which consisted of a group of women voyeuristically gazing at men working in construction taking a ‘Diet Coke break’ at 11:30am, while Willie Dixon’s anthem ‘I just want to make love to you’ plays.

The iconic campaign is remembered because it was one of the first campaigns to swap gender roles and objectify men – and has gained criticism down the years for being somewhat sexist!

Love it or loathe it, we all remember it and places Diet Coke as the ideal refreshment for hard workers – and flustered onlookers!

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